SEO Is Simpler Than You Thought

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Perhaps the most important weapon in any online marketing company’s arsenal is search engine optimization. Alright, so that’s kind of a cop out. Really, basically everything an internet marketing agency does falls under the category of Seo. Google’s PageRank system looks at so many factors now, that you’d be hard pressed to make marketing adjustments that didn’t effect your Google ranking. It’s easier to say what PageRank isn’t looking at than it is to list everything it does use.

When you think about it, Google has quite a task on its digital hands. When PageRank was first being tested, the 10 four-gig hard drives they were using were housed in a box of LEGO bricks. Today, that little al

Five Top Tips for SEO Marketing

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Your website has just launched, and now you need to promote it. But how can you stay afloat in the intimidatingly large ocean of search engine results, especially when it comes to Google rankings? This is where search engine optimization, or SEO, can be your lifeboat. SEO marketing makes you relevant to the modern Internet user, which, today, is completely necessary. Here are five quick facts to help you understand the value of SEO marketing.

1. Google’s Larry Page, the co-founder of the company, is the namesake of “PageRank,” a search engine algorithm process that helps sort results by relevancy. The very name of the company, Google, has even become synonymous with using a search engine. Al