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Mobile devices have revolutionized the consumer shopping experience. As of 2014, mobile phones and tablets have overtaken desktop computers in internet usage, especially when it comes to retail browsing. Currently, more than 70 million people use their mobile devices to shop online, and 65% of mobile web users depend on their smartphones or tablets to find the local business at which they can purchase the item they desire for the cheapest price. Most of these users rely on search engines to find the products and services they seek. In fact, in the U.S., 92% of all adults conduct at least one search query per day. Of the

Who Could Ask For Anything More Than SEO?

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The typical internet user ignores paid advertising as a matter of course. When using a search engine, people focus on the organic results of their searches almost 100 percent of the time. They do not click on sponsored links. Statistically, organic click through generates conversion rates that are 25 percent higher than the equivalent Pay Per Click click through rates. Moreover, about 75 percent of web users never click past the first page of their search results. When you consider that a whopping 65 percent of mobile internet users research local businesses on their tablets or smartphones i

Get Off your Can and Get your Website to the Top of the Google Ranks

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The very first Google doodle was all the way back in 1998. It was a picture of the Burning Man. The doodle was a message from the co founders, letting the rest of the company know that they would be out of the office attending the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. And their first Tweet, on the 26th of February, was binary code for one of their button options for a search: “I’m feeling lucky.”

Google is important. No really, Google is super important. They are the most used search engine by a large margin. They receive almost 70 percent of the share of the internet search engine market. Because of that fact alone, it is so very crucial that you rank as high as you possibly can on their search engine rankings. The people who are