Three Ways to Market Your Website More Effectively

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Search engine optimization

Did you know that Google uses goats to mow the lawn of its headquarters? Although Google may have some unconventional tendencies, it still owns nearly 70% of the search engine market share. By allowing an SEO company to implement several internet marketing strategies and provide SEO reporting tools, your website will rank higher on Google, and this will lead to an increase in the amount of traffic it receives.

1. Content creation. Content SEO involves creating articles and blogs that are used to increase the visibility of your website. By utilizing this strategy, the organic ranking of your website will impro

Get Off your Can and Get your Website to the Top of the Google Ranks

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Seo blogs

The very first Google doodle was all the way back in 1998. It was a picture of the Burning Man. The doodle was a message from the co founders, letting the rest of the company know that they would be out of the office attending the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. And their first Tweet, on the 26th of February, was binary code for one of their button options for a search: “I’m feeling lucky.”

Google is important. No really, Google is super important. They are the most used search engine by a large margin. They receive almost 70 percent of the share of the internet search engine market. Because of that fact alone, it is so very crucial that you rank as high as you possibly can on their search engine rankings. The people who are

SEO Looks Good On Everyone

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Search engine ranking

Organic links are much more likely to be clicked on when an internet user is searching for something. Instead of using pay per click click throughs companies need to be going towards organic click throughs which generate 25 percent high conversion rates. Because of this face, paying attention to the search engine ranking of a company is very important and it could lead to more business.

Search engine ranking is an important factor for businesses to consider because over one hundred billion global searches are conducted online each month. With the use of search engine optimization businesses can boost their profits over a period of time. Internet marketing is experiencing a serious boom right now and businesses should take advantage of it. In the long run it will help them maintain a strong business model.

Embracing the use of mobile devices is also important when thinking about search engine ranking. When a company has an easy to use app or mobile website, mobile device users are much more likely to look at their site. This is when search engine rankings start to really mean something. Because of the fact that 65 percent of mobile internet users rely on their smart phone or tablet to find a local business the use of search engines goes way up.

Blogging is another big part of online marketing that would not have been thought of first, a few years ago. Going by search engine rankings means that companies need to make sure their search engine rankings are high. Companies can have 434 percent more indexed pages just by using blogging as a marketing method. This can result in more leads which will eventually improve profits for a business. If a company were to utilize blogger they would make their Google rankings that much higher.