Are Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets Still “In”? – Remodeling Magazine

Gorden Van Vliet, the founder of KItchens By Savna looks at the advantages of Shaker style kitchen cabinets.

Shaker-stye cabinets offer a blend of modern and traditional designs. They offer square-cut detail at one of the doors’ centers in between frame and the flat panel. Their clean, simple design makes it easy to integrate in any kitchen. It is not necessary to change the cabinets if you decide to remodel your kitchen.

Shaker kitchen cabinets have another factor that makes them in high demand. They perform well. The cabinets are large and sturdy. The best cabinets will be able to hold whatever you require it to, as well as having a doors that can be opened easily. Though cabinets with elaborate carvings can look appealing, they is very easy to chip and crack.

Shakers carved the sides of their cabinet doors have a distinct groove. This helped to slide a center panel into the door, giving a square-within-a-square look to the cabinets. x5p3pj3s7n.

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