Are You Wondering, “What Should I Do to My Lawn in March?” Check Out These Ideas!

For healthy lawn growth. In March, it’s important to fertilize your lawn to provide it with the energy the lawn needs to begin to come out of the dormancy.

It’s crucial to take into account the specific needs of your lawn in selecting a fertilizer. Nitrogen-rich fertilizers are ideal to encourage stem and leaf growth. Meanwhile, fertilizers that contain phosphorus can help promote root and flower growth. Over-fertilizing your lawn can make it damaged instead of enhancing it. In excess fertilizer may make your grass burn or lead to the death of your lawn Make sure to follow the instructions closely.

A soil test is one of the most effective ways to determine the soil’s requirements for nutrients. A soil test can help to identify how many minerals your soil contains and suggest the most effective fertilizer that you need. Alternatively, consulting with a lawn expert can assist in choosing what type and amount of fertilizer to use on your lawn.

You can keep your lawn good and healthy by fertilizing your lawn in March. Follow these tips to keep your lawn looking beautiful every day of the year.

How do you keep the weeds under control on your lawn

The spring season can bring about a time with a lot of growth for grass and the weeds. It’s important to take action to eliminate all weeds as quickly as you can.

One of the most effective ways to control weeds is to use a pre-emergent herbicide. The herbicides they use work by stopping weed seeds from becoming germinated in your lawn. But timing is crucial when you are using these herbicides. It is recommended to apply pre-emergent herbicides prior to the germination of weeds. It means that they should be applied prior to when soil temperatures reach 55° Fahrenheit.

A post-emergent herbicide is a good option if you already have weeds growing in your lawn. Post-emergent herbicides kill the leaves and other parts of the weed that are above ground. But, in contrast to


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