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It is possible to make hair restoration complicated, even when many clinics boast good ratings. However, they may have skilled doctors. It is important to conduct the necessary research and go directly for consultations to locate the best doctor.

The Dr. Gary Linkov emphasizes that “At end of the day, you aren’t really choosing one of the clinics. You’re choosing a doctor to take you to one of the clinics that is known to you. You must make sure that you are aware of the name of your doctor …”.”

How to ask for your next appointment

Below are some important questions you need to consider so that you can narrow your searches.

What was their experience? What school did they go to? They are International Society For Hair and Restoration (ISHRS) members? What are their involvements with the surgical procedure?

The process of restoring hair can be difficult procedure, but sharing the process can alleviate tension and make people feel less isolated. Please share your experiences with the doctor you select in case you’re experiencing the process.


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