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osion. For vehicles, you can’t be in a hurry to avoid your car from developing rust. Rust (electrochemical oxidation) is a basic reaction that involves water vapor, salt for de-icing or other substances. Steel in your vehicle can experience serious destruction. This is the reason cars are painted for corrosion protection by applying a primer coat, base coat as well as clear coating.

The remaining components of the vehicle, including the cross-members and frame and cross members, are electroplated using a Zinc-based primer during production (due to the slow rate at which zinc is corroded).

If you manage to keep the coatings from being rubbed or chipped, your car can remain completely rust-free. One thing you can do to keep the coating solid include waxing your car at least four times per yearone time per season (a polish or wax is great) and tape-over scratched or bumped spots with masking tape, and then spraying the areas with a clear coating (a temporary fix to stop the rust from spreading) or using rust-preventative paints that stop minor rust from advancing (especially in the vehicle’s frame at the bottom).

You do not have to care for your vehicle in order for it to look like new. Also, it is important to avoid corrosion that can cause more harm.


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