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and surrounding areas that breathe in and surrounding areas in the. It can also be used as a playground for your kids when they’re out in the open. The construction of a porch isn’t the easiest task, specifically if the homeowner wishes to build a new style. These five steps can be used to build a porch.

The voiceover narrator of the video explains the steps needed for DIY porch construction. the homeowner to first decide the best way to connect porch floor joists to the exterior of their house. Two-by-ten-inches of lumber is utilized for most projects.

The third process is to figure out the material that will bear the load of the floorjoists on the opposite side. The majority of the time, a 2×10 inches of lumber is utilized, and it rests on posts of six by six that are buried about two feet in the earth.

The next step is to determine how big the floor joists. Consider the length of your deck, as well as the material you intend to use.

The fourth step is to choose the material for decking.

The last step for homeowners is determining how to put an overhang on their porch. in43j8wmhp.

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