How Filling Out a Social Security Disability Application Can Help Your Finances If You Have Been Hurt – Family Budgeting

If the candidate meets all the criteria, the benefits will be paid in a regular monthly installment.

People who are unable to work may qualify for Social Security benefits if they fulfill certain conditions. First, applicants must be suffering from a debilitating illness that will endure for at least one year. A person’s doctor can confirm this information. A candidate must not be able to find a lucrative work and have a permanent work. In some cases, an individual may not be eligible if he is able to work in a less demanding task than that of the previous one. This is a vital aspect which many do not know about. One example would be somebody who’s suffered an injury to their knee that has had surgery. The person may have difficulty performing the role of a server at any level. A place of employment might allow the worker to be seated and to answer phone calls. This person would most likely have no eligibility for SSDI.

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