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Do you want to do everything yourself? Hire a dumpster rental service. This video shows how a temporary dumpster is shipped.

Before a temporary dumpster is provided, you must determine the location you’d like to place the dumpster. Make sure you have enough space on your property to allow the dumpster to be able to rest as you fill it. If you are planning to mark the area with cones be sure that they’re tall enough to let you see them easily. You don’t want would be for a car driving through the street to hit the dumpster and cause harm to their car. So keep the area clear of vehicles.

Have the driver roll your dumpster onto the ground. This will make it much easier for the driver to unload and load the dumpster. Fill up the dumpster until the dumpster is full. Use the provided bucket to remove any debris that you do not want to put in the dumpster. Once you’ve loaded the dumpster, you can empty the trash bags. The lid should be closed on the container and secure the door. You can now enjoy your dumpster without worrying about someone else stealing things from the dumpster.


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