How Much Should You Budget for Trash Removal Services? – Daily Inbox

Ash removal. The cost for solid waste removal is around $160, hazardous waste is around $50- $100; and composting an average of $100. For a price estimate homeowners should send the junk-hauler with a photograph of the junk that they would like to take away.

Removal of big appliances can cost around $100. big furniture costs $80 and the cost for outdoor hot tubs is $130. Home Advisor estimates that junk removal costs an average of $234. The price of junk removal is between 10 to $40 per month, or 140-250 dollars annually. It is much more affordable than city or county’s collection services. The majority of junk removal firms don’t handle dangerous or chemical substances. The local waste or garbage collection firm handles those. These hazardous materials comprise Freon, latex paint and fluorescent light bulbs due to the fact that they contain mercury. Recyclable items may be taken to junk removal companies or a hauling service to be free for homeowners.


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