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on the other hand. To get going, there are some things you will need. This video will teach you how to make soap. It is important to note that you will require a soap melting machine in case you intend to make large quantities.

Be sure to wear long sleeves before you start making soap. Protection for your eyes, gloves and shoes that are close-toed are important. Mostly, this is to protect from the lye that is used in the soapmaking process. You will also require the use of a respirator. Sometimes , the lye and water solution can cause the smell of. Be sure the area is properly ventilated even if you don’t own an air respirator.

If you want to use the substances required, you’ll need 100% lying or sodium hydroxide. You also need distilled water and oils such as coconut oil. A few tools require. It is necessary to have a scale for measuring soap as well as the use of an immersion mixer. To mix and scrape, spoons and spatulas can be helpful. Lastly, you will need measuring bowls as well as molds for the soap.


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