How to Put on Brick Wallpaper Yourself – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

are the steps and tips for installing brick wallpaper your home.

Step 1: Peel off and move everything from the wall. In order to ensure that nothing gets getting in the way or to prevent brick wallpaper sticking to walls, cleanse the walls. Make sure you wash all wallpapers thoroughly. Grime or dust build-up could cause wallpapers to not adhere to walls. Be sure to trim any pieces that overlap so they fit together seamlessly. Also, make sure you measure your brick wall pieces in order to make sure everything is working well from the very beginning.

2. It’s straightforward to adhere brick wallpaper on your wall. Start at the top and bottom. Whenever notches are overlapping they can be take one of the brick wallpaper pieces , then put them into the space and put it up the same way as puzzle-piece the whole wallpaper.

Step 3: Don’t put each wallpaper over top one over the other. Instead, save a handful of wallpapers for the future. You can use a wall paste if you are uncertain about the adhesives used on brick wallpaper.


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