How to Restore a Commercial Kitchen to Use for a Health Food Catering Business – Raw Food Diet Plans

is in working condition. It is possible that your HVAC system needs to be updated in certain instances. It could have a significant impact on your expenses and energy usage. The HVAC system is essential to ensure the safety of your catering facility for health food. When planning your establishment for health food catering be sure to consider every aspect of the HVAC system. This is a must for makeup air units that replenish the loss of air caused by kitchenhoods as well as ductwork that disperses cold and hot air.
Make sure to use flooring that is appropriate for your needs.

Because of the frequent foot movement and heat, as well as acidic cleaning merchandise, grease sticky hot and persistent dampness, commercial kitchen flooring can take some abuse. The cause of cracks in flooring is food preparation, spills and dishwashing. Restaurants often ignore condensation as the cause of water. This is caused by the foundation of the concrete slabs, and the concrete. If the commercial kitchen flooring is not installed correctly the moisture could cause concrete slabs cracking and degrade. If you’re converting a commercial kitchen into a health food service business, make sure that the flooring you choose to use is seamless and can withstand extreme conditions. Epoxy flooring is a great alternative for any health-conscious catering service. Sometimes mistakenly called painted concrete epoxy floor coatings provide more protection against concrete. If they are combined, the resin and hardener react chemically. Compared to other compounds that are cured, this process, also known as curing, provides epoxy with high quality. It also leaves an even thicker layer of paint. The thickness of the coating varies according to the use of the space and requirements of the restaurant. Epoxy floor-to-wall coves installed several inches up the catering for health food wall form a continuous covering that helps in maintaining hygiene. A majority of flooring providers for commercial use have the ability to install epoxy.

To improve Energy Efficiency

It’s no wonder that commercial kitchens are a big part of the market.


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