Hurricane Window Film to Protect Your Windows – House Killer

This is the reason why many old homes were built with shutters that were attached.

The shutters of the home were secured by homeowners who were on the sides that faced the winds of their home to ensure windows safe when wind was particularly fierce. Today, windows benefit from technology and better materials, such as laminate backing.

Windows protected by laminate backing

Laminate backing on windows helps in enhancing the windows’ Tensile strength. The laminate can prevent cracking or shattering of glass. They are also able to cut the harmful UV radiation, and even completely eliminate it, which can make homes significantly more comfortable even in the hot temperatures of summer. Window laminates protect against breaking windows, aswell as lower cooling and heating expenses due to less ultraviolet radiation.

Multiple Laminate Options

Laminating film can be utilized to laminate glass. This makes it stronger and less vulnerable to breaking or shattering. Laminate direct installation onto existing windows may increase the security of windows against wind and sun by a substantial amount. One alternative is to use a laminated glass that is one inch thick and especially durable in strong wind conditions.

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