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Irish Doodles don’t shed as often as other breeds, due to the Poodle family. Even though they are advertised as hypoallergenic, they can be just equally hyperallergenic to other breed. There are people who have allergies that experience less symptoms when they have low-shedding dogs such as Irish Doodles.

Irish Doodles are affectionate and are a pleasure to be around. They usually get along very well with pets as well as children. They’re also lively dogs that need a good lengthy walk for about an hour each day and also play time. This is why they are ideal for family members who like to stay physically active.

Irish Doodles are less likely to bark than the other dog breeds. Even if they do bark but they are able, as many dogs, learn not to bark. Both Poodles and Irish Setters are highly-trainable canines because they are prone to being a part of making their owner happy. However, it’s not a bad idea to enroll in training classes in obedience or puppy socialization classes to help you learn how to communicate better and interact with the Irish Setter. pg1agvbdu1.

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