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Multiple tornadoes are possible to form. They can also trigger a dangerous tornado outbreak. The video below will highlight a recent tornado outbreak within the Southeast United States.

A powerful line of storms crossed through South Carolina and southern Georgia. The area was hit by a massive tornado that took the form of a wedge. This video shows the rotation of this wedge as it moves across the skies. According to the reports, this tornado lifted debris up to 10,000 feet and was spinning around for miles.

The following clip shows how a tornado can get very close to a home. Indeed, you could see the tornado ripping apart the house as debris are tossed around in the air. There will be a need for the installation of a new roof and other repairs after this close encounter. A second video shows a tornado which has ignited transformers, as powerlines is snapped in the shape of toothpicks. Images of heartbreaking destruction are shown of whole communities that were decimated from the tornadoes. The impact of one tornado is devastating. It actually saw more than 41 tornadoes only two days. There is no way to comprehend how damaging a tornado outbreak could be.


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