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This is because of constant exposure to brutal elements such as the elements of rain, storms and wind. Roof inspections for residential roofs is an important thing to do after every high-wind event, which is often enough to identify any missing or damaged shingles, hopefully before leaks develop. A majority of homeowners sign up for roof repairs and maintenance regularly and whenever required.

It’s best to replace than fix damaged roof shingles. This ensures that the home will have a long-lasting roofing system. A variety of professional roof repair and maintenance companies are now available. But, you are able to make repairs yourself to your roof.

Here’s the procedure to repair 15-year-old shingles and stop that pesky leak: The first step is to slide the flat end of the crowbar directly above the damaged shingle and then lift it until the sealer strip has come liberated. Once you’ve exposed the damaged shingle pull it remaining shingle with the crowbar. Then, take off the shingle. The damaged wood board should be taken off. Screw it down and replace the damaged wood with identically-sized, new wood. Pull the backing from the sealing strip on the replacement shingle, and slip the shingle back into its position. Then, you can align it to the shingles surrounding it , and secure it using four nails through its nailing tab. nkcld5dlq7.

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