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Every day, more than 800 million wall posts and updates are made on Facebook, and over 250 million tweets are made on Twitter. Social media has moved well past “fad” status, and is now firmly entrenched in our society for the foreseeable future. Our online interactions are increasing every day, and users are becoming ever-more savvy and sensitive to paid advertisements and phony advertising tactics.

What does this mean to business and marketing? It means that the most crucial aspect of any effort, in almost any realm of online interaction, is trust.

The current SEO model is shifting towards more content-based strategies, and away from keyword-centric tactics. Searchers are spending more time on sites that provide helpful, useful, engaging, and well-written content, regardless of the keyword density or the H-tags. And when they find information they can use, benefit from, and share with their friends, they’ve found a site they trust.

And so, as with any successful endeavor, demand is going up for content-driven SEO services. Most providers are more than happy to oblige, since the content model remains consistent and sustainable amid the myriad changes and updates to search engine algorithms. And with that increased demand, more opportunities are arising in private label SEO reseller programs.

Private label SEO (also called “white label SEO”) is the best way to disseminate SEO services to businesses and companies, regardless of where they are on the planet. Dedicated SEO firms provide the new content-centric optimization model to their private label SEO resellers, who pass those services on to their clients, satisfying a broad need for a specific service.

Web hosters, graphic designers, and advertising companies, all of whom already have a client base, can become private label SEO resellers, expanding their menu of services and providing those clients with the means to connect to searchers and potential customers through search engines, social media, and the useful exchange of informative, high-quality articles and blogs. Because the average online user doesn’t want a sales pitch… they want useful information.

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