SEO and Search Engines Changing the World?

SEO reseller programs, direct SEO providers, and Google are working together to make the Internet a better place. Hard to believe? Stick with me here…

SEO writing has had to climb out of a hole, no doubt. The early days of the business saw a host of automated options that promised results (and often delivered them), but without any regard for quality, readability, or sustainability. Keywords were crammed into articles generated by software, then spun and translated and spun again until the client was left with hundreds of ridiculously low quality articles with progressively decreasing levels of intelligibility. But they were getting the results their clients wanted, so who cared?

Thankfully, it did not take long for clients, users, and the search engines themselves to get sick of these tactics. Customers were turned off by the blatant attempts to stuff relevant keywords into the copy, especially if there was, in fact, no substance to the site. And even sites whose core product or message was sound suffered if, anywhere on their site or their backlinks, they employed these transparent gimmicks to drive traffic to their home pages through artificially boosted search page rankings.

Then a strange thing happened, something the general public does not often associate with the advertising world… Marketers decided that relevant, well written, and genuinely helpful content would generate better results. Rather than a means to find workarounds for the always evolving search engine protocols, SEO became about optimizing websites for actual users, actual clients, flesh and blood human searchers, instead of what might placate or infiltrate the algorithm. Welcome to the age of white label SEO.

So social media professionals, SEO direct providers, and anyone involved in SEO reseller programs currently work under the assumption that the better an article sounds to a reader (i.e. the more natural), the more organically and relevantly it can incorporate keywords, and the more helpful the article is to anyone interested in the topic, the more effective it will be for the client and reader alike. This is borne out by the search engine results, in response to the changing search engine algorithms, which themselves are always evolving to reward and reinforce sites who provide articles with these exact criteria.

Those who sell or resell SEO services for clients are links in a world wide chain that is deliberately and purposefully trying to strengthen the Internet and the quality of the services it can either provide directly or help users find. SEO reseller programs are not just working for their clients, but for the people their clients serve as well, by improving the level of marketing discourse online, and raising the bar of information and service overall.

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