Should You Consider Group Therapy? – Health and Fitness Tips

In terms of the types of therapies that you may pursue for your mental and physical health, you’ll have many choices. One-on-one therapy is the ideal choice for the majority of people, although you may be asked to think about group therapy, based on the circumstances. The counselors that work in groups typically encourage clients to join together and share their struggles and to understand they’re not the only one. This video will demonstrate how working in groups can help your mind.

Group therapy can be defined as the practice of a psychologist that assists with the direction of a group comprised of between five and fifteen patients. Meetings last between 1-2 hours and all information is protected by confidentiality. Patients may attend individual and group therapysessions, and some may only attend meetings in groups. Groups often meet to discuss problems specific to the patient, like depression or disorders. Open groups can become members at any time however closed groups are limited by a time and have specific participants. Group therapy offers a significant benefit in that it builds feelings of community. Patients are reminded of the fact that they’re not alone experiencing difficulties. There are many other people who are in the same situation.


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