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Contribute tax-deductible charity. Arizona tax-deductible organizations will issue tax receipts to donation to charitable organizations that you can attach to your federal tax returns.

You should always take advantage of every opportunity you have to save money and do good deeds. Contributing to charity is a fine example of doing an act of kindness that helps people save on your tax bill.

There can be a lot of confusing when it comes to what is the difference between tax credit and tax deduction. There are two methods you can save money on taxes. However, there are some distinctions in both. Often tax credits and tax deductions are interchangeable, however they require different conditions. There are around 1.54 million American charities. Contributing to one or more of them will give you a “charitable deduction” but not a tax deduction. The distinction between these two tax savings plans is explained in this video. Watch this video to learn more about tax credit federal deductions and how they work.


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