The Most Helpful Furnace Repair Tip – Home Improvement Tips

Flame sensors, also known as fire detectors, were designed to make sure that gas valves will only be opened whenever there’s a an incident of fire. This helps prevent dangerous gas accumulation. The most frequent furnace flame sensor issues includes the gas furnace abruptly shutting down after being switched on and doing so numerous instances before shutting down completely. It’s not unusual homeowners to require furnace repairs because of difficulties with the sensor for flames.

It is possible to resolve the issue via a straightforward cleaning. The person who is cleaning the furnace should find the furnace’s sensor assembly , and then shut off the power source of the furnace before taking any other action. It is typically small metal rods bent to the direction of the flame stream. The sensor can then be removed using a wrench, or driver when it’s placed. The buildup of carbon in the flame sensor could be removed with care by gently rubbing it with sandpaperor steel wool or even a dollar bill. It can be cleaned with a towel or cloth. 55zw9hnci5.

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