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You can ask this question when you start your search for electronic enclosures.

1. How can enclosures be maintained?
2. What electronic components and electronics are to be stored?
3. Where will the place be of the electronic component and its location?
4. What kind of strength does an enclosure have to be?

There are a variety of enclosure styles which include “u-shape” enclosures “l-shape enclosures”, “rack-mount” enclosures, as well as “five-side” enclosures. U-shape enclosures are simple to design and manufacture, however, the L-shape enclosures are simpler to install boards in. Rack-mount closures were designed to be hung in a rack cabinet. These closures can be used on big and small servers.

Five-sided enclosures are made up of four sides, as well as a removable top cover, which can transform into a door or lid. They are typically utilized for portable cabinetsand junction boxes, as well as wall-mounted cabinets. This style of enclosure is one of the most cost-effective solutions to protect the enclosed components from dust and moisture.

Each one of these enclosures has its advantages or disadvantages. Watch the video above for details on the difference among these different enclosure types.

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