Tips For Cleaning Your Dryer Vent – NYC Independent Press

This risk of fire can be eliminated easily to increase security for you and your family at home. In this instructional video you’ll learn few tips to conduct the cleaning of your dryer’s vents yourself.

Clean the dryer’s trap of lint. It’s possible this is already completed, but it is recommended to perform it once more before going on to more thorough cleaning. The next step is to visit the hardware shop to purchase a dryer cleaner tool kit. It will come with attachments as well as a scrubs for your drill in order to reach the vents in your dryer. Next, turn to the back of the dryer.

Once you are at the back of your dryer, it is going need to cut off the venting line that runs through the dryer. If that line is unplugged then you are able to go ahead and use accessories to wash the dryer’s vent. When you’re done and your dryer is properly reinstalled, your dryer is now safer. f33wvf2gjr.

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