Tips for Repairing a Tire – Car Talk Podcast

In the end, it’s all about repairs to tires. Eric the auto mechanic explains the use of plug patches to repair a tire in a brief YouTube video “How to repair an automobile tire.” When plugging the tire, it is not possible to place the plug to the side but in the center. Patch plugging requires disassembling the tire from the wheel before starting the tire repair process. Eric recommends making note of the valve’s location in the tire prior to taking it off it , to ensure that it’s fixed.

This video will show you how to remove the object in the tire. Then, use glue to fill in the hole. Before you insert the plug, determine if the hole is either angled or straight. Eric says that the inside of the tire has to be clean where it appears that the hole will facilitate plugging. The region where the plug will be put in should be smoothed and thoroughly vacuumed. To install the plug, gently remove the cover then insert it inside the hole and lift it off the outer part. Cut off any excess. Before you attempt this method of repairs to tires, you should consult the manufacturer of your tire. or9xrgpibo.

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