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taken lightly. There are a few indicators that may indicate that a boat isn’t in good condition. Buyers can identify the red flags that are present in used boat auctions and stay clear of them.

A boat that is running very few hours is the first sign that a boat has been taken off the market. Lower hours are a sign that less time the boat was actually in the water. This is extremely important with older boats, as it will mean the vehicle has been sitting, sometimes for many years and not doing anything. It could be a sign of performance issues or concerns.

Another warning sign to look to look out for are boats that have gone down before. In the event of a sinking, there could be severe damage to the exterior and interior of the boat which may not be fixed until it is back to the waters.

Don’t forget to avoid boats with structural damage. You may need to walk across the water and place all your weight on the area to be fully aware of the amount of damage that was done.

Check out the video for additional information regarding second hand boat sales.


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