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If they are unable to pay the fees, they’ll never be permitted to attend court. A bail bond is money that an accused person puts in to purchase temporary freedom. The principal function of a bail bondsman is to trace an accused who has not appeared before a judge. The typical amount is about 10 to 10 percent. Agents are typically independent agents or agents of firms who’s main task is to locate and detain individuals who try to avoid bail. Agents can provide bonds for surety for those who suspect that the accused is likely to be in court. This article outlines the role of a bail bondman as well as what you need to know.

The role of a bail bondsman is to investigate the criminal’s background and establish whether they pose a flight risk. This video shows the roles and obligations of bail agents and their place in the overall system. Bail bondsmen take care of the arrest of suspects. If a criminal fails to appear before a judge, then they owe bail. It’s the duty of the agent to track down and arrest suspects. The process requires a great deal of paperwork as well as proper processes. The purpose of the bond is to ensure the suspect appears at all times in the courtroom.


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