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d even surgery. The video describes how an orthodontic adjustment is performed.

An orthodontist might require they visit you for adjustments in the event that you have braces. The adjustments are made to ensure that the correct level of pressure can be applied for repositioning your teeth. In the course of the adjustment, your orthodontist will also see how the procedure is progressing.

During adjustment, elastics connecting brackets and the wire are carefully removed. The archwire may also be taken off, but this shouldn’t be done every time. The elastic and wire may not be needed to scrub your teeth.

A brand new wire is then slid on the brackets of steel. There are numerous colours of elastics to be used to join the wire to brackets.

This entire procedure can take approximately 15 to 30 minutes. In order to ease soreness and pain You may get mild reduction in pain. After your adjustment, you’ll be advised to eat soft foods for several days.

It’s highly advised to stick to the appointments given by your orthodontic service provider for adjustments so that your treatment progresses smoothly.


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