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The YouTube channel for The Day newspaper looks at the insides of a funeral home.

Funeral homes generally have many vehicles to maintain, including at minimum one hearse. A lot of funeral homes offer limousines to the family. The transport van is a vehicle that is used for moving a decomposing body from its last location of burial. In some instances, garages house an embalming machine that could use to preserve frozen bodies.

The second refrigeration device is located in the room for embalming. This is identical as the surgical theatre. A drain is used to collect fluid from the body. The embalming equipment pumps it through. The chamber for embalming remains spotlessly clean.

The corpse embalmed gets put in a gown, is given makeup, hair stylingand dressed. It’s placed in the casket of choice, and then taken to the viewing area.

Cremated remains can be shipped across the nation. A complete set of shipping equipment and crates can be found at the funeral home, along with file cabinets filled with paperwork. The other room of a funeral home is in which the remains are transferred into Urns. bott3hckc7.

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