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The sewage from your home contains plenty of nutrients to help your plants grow. Utilizing chemicals or fertilizers in the drain is an everyday routine that is routine in many countries. This kind of contamination can be harmful for the planet and to people. Chemicals and fertilizers may harm the environment. While septic systems were designed to deal with human waste, it is not equipped to handle fertilizers or chemical substances. It is not possible for septic systems to break down these substances if they’re poured down the drainage. They can accumulate in your tank or flow through your leach lines towards an area of water such as a lake, river, stream, or bay.

Fertilizer and chemical buildup can cause serious problems. The sewage you drink contains nutrients that can help plant growth. However, these nutrients can also be used to feed algae. This can cause an imbalance in nature’s ecosystem. Imagine that too many algae start to build on account of an over use of fertilizers and chemical contamination. When that happens it will begin to use oxygen that is vital in the water – which would kill off fish and other forms of aquatic life. These kinds of pollutants can also cause a lot of odors. People who own septic systems who flush chemicals and fertilizers down the drain must also make sure that they do not dump cooking oils, grease and any other kind of fat in their drains. They can cause the same problems to fertilizers and chemical.

The tank needs to be pumped every Three to Five Years.

Depending on the size of the holding tank of your septic system the tank will need to be flushed out at the time the tank is around 2/3 full or if you are able to see water in your drainage field. Any wastewater found in your solid waste zone must be either evaporated or absorbed prior to the occurrence of any major issue.

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