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till going strong. The Corvette is America’s sports automobile. It was created to be fast and fun. The Corvette is also one of the most famous cars in America. Other things make Corvettes less great. To start with, corvettes have always been expensive. A Corvette that has been wrecked can be purchased at an affordable price, provided you’re lucky.

The Corvette was designed initially as a race car however, its appeal as a car for the streets only gained momentum in the 1970s. Since that time however, the Corvette hasn’t really kept pace with other sport cars such as that of Porsche 911 or Ferrari F40. It’s true that the Corvette hasn’t been as efficient in comparison to its competition.

Corvettes look boring since they lack excitement. Sure, they might look nice on the showroom floor However, when you pull out of the lot you realize how plain they are. They don’t have any outrageous designs or exciting options. Corvettes can be huge. They are also very heavy. A base model Corvette weighs 3,500 pounds. Therefore, they are more sluggish than vehicles that are lighter. yy6e1a8mpu.

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