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An appraisal of your jewelry will provide you an accurate estimate on its worth and help you make a decision about whether or not to trade it in. An appraisal of jewelry can also be utilized to get insurance on expensive items. Appraisers adhere to a certain set of guidelines when doing their job. They first clean the piece to ensure they get an accurate look at the minute parts that affect its value. Next, they perform an exhaustive examination of the item for any damage. They’ll examine the object for any damage, for example, missing stones or marks. Also, this inspection includes an examination of the object’s authenticity. The appraiser will determine whether the stones are real or manufactured. The appraiser then measures the jewellery. The metal is often weighed. The quality of diamonds is dependent on the clarity, color carat, cut and color. Other stones are measured similarly, but with systems specific to the particular stone. If an appraisal is conducted then you’ll be able to figure out how to safeguard or market the jewelry you own.

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