How to Clean Furniture From Smoke Damage – Free Encyclopedia Online

Although fire isn’t likely to directly harm your furniture, but it could nevertheless be damaged from smoke. You may get unpleasant black marks on furniture because of smoke damage. This video will show you how to remove fire and other damage.

You will first need to have the necessary equipment and tools. It is essential to have safety gear including gloves, glasses and a respirator. Denatured alcohol, wood cleaner and high-quality steel wool is necessary.

Once you’ve finished preparing everything clean the furniture with wood soap. You can then scrub your furniture using denatures-alcohol using high-quality steel wool. This can help eliminate the smoke. Following this, apply some sandpaper and sand the furniture just a little. The glue used on wood can be used to restore any damaged wood. Once you’ve finished sanding, apply a stain that you can wipe on. It will require two or three coats of stain. Spray on the polyurethane. You are finished!


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