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Prior to hiring a moving company. It is their job to take care of your belongings, in the end. This video gives some helpful suggestions on what to search for when hiring a moving business.

First, you should schedule as soon as possible. If you’re moving during most popular time of the year, this is very important. The cost is another important aspect to consider. The closer you are to the date of your move-in, the more expensive the move will get.

Make sure you conduct a search online for the move as well. You can compare customer reviews on the web and then contact the Better Business Bureau to find out if there have been any complaints against the company. While it may not necessarily cause a problem if just 2 or 3 complaints are made, multiple complaints can signal a potential troublesome situation.

Also, inquire about additional charges due to the moving process. What is their cost for the additional boxes and packing tape, as well? Create a list of the many dollars they are charging for those additional items to plan your budget accordingly.

Follow the link above to get more information on how to engage a company to move your belongings.


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