Use SEO to Get Better Search Engine Rankings

Google rankings

If you are a business owner with a web presence, you are probably concerned with your search engine rankings. Nearly every internet user makes at least one search every day, and most will use that search to research products and services. This is not only limited to computer users. 70 million people use their mobile device to search, and more than half rely on their device to research new products.

Search engine optimization is not a new idea, but it is the best, easiest way to increase your search engine ranking. To fully understand how SEO can increase your search engine ranking, it is important to know how search engines, like Google, work. Every so often, Google sends out a program, called spiders, to crawl through the web, jumping from link to link, searching websites for keywords. These sites are then indexed and archived based on an algorithm that ranks the importance of the page based on things like keyword density and number of links directing to that site. The importance the spiders place on a website is directly related to its search engine ranking.

So how can you use SEO to increase your search engine ranking? It is as easy as keywords. Putting a targeted keyword in the body of your website, as well as in the HMTL of your site, will affect the importance that the Google spiders will place on your site, directly affecting your search engine rankings. It is essential to put your keyword in the title of your site, and in the body headers. It is also good to put them in your image and link descriptions. These areas are all indexed. The metadata and description are indexed by some search engine rankings, but it is also the summary of the website that users see when they search for your page. Keywords in your content body are also very important. However, make sure not to have your body to densely seeded with keywords, because it will make your content seem spammy. Have a high density, but also make sure you are writing for the users, not the search engine rankings.

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