What is Thermal Management? – Mac OS X Power Tools

The Management of ermal
Utilizing cooling and device to monitor temperature is known as the Thermal Management. These two strategies can be utilized to manage the temperature in an area.

Where Is It Used
Thermal Management is used in environments with temperature-sensitive equipment. For instance, the server farm. They must maintain a cool temperature for optimal operation of computers. If they rise, then processes slow down. Components could also fail at any time, even in the worst-case scenario.

Generally, anything run with electronics requires thermal management. It’s not just for industrial. The equipment that is an air conditioner’s condenser motor has to be controlled by temperature. Should the motor run overly hot, its integrated thermal management stops it to cool off.

A different example would be a fan and heatsink on computer boards. Processing speeds that are high make the electronic components of this device more efficient. The use of a heatsink and a board fan helps keep the components cool. In the event of a failure of this type of thermal control causes the system to shut down. spjb175ls9.

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